Our Values

We are firm believers in medicinal herbs as they are derived from nature and offer an alternative to synthetically-created drugs.  We take pride in producing only the highest quality ginseng. We enjoy giving back to our community by sponsoring various sports teams and charitable events. 


Our Vision

Tota Farms is a full-time, diversified agribusiness that supplies responsibly-produced agricultural products. We are a family that assists our neighbours and a business that others may learn from. We aim to be as self-sufficient as possible, and we support other farmers who share our goal of sustainable agriculture. 



Our Mission

Our objective at Tota Farms is to provide the greatest quality ginseng while remaining environmentally-sustainable by reducing our carbon footprint. We are working hard to leave our land and community in better shape than we found it by strictly adhering to good agricultural practices.

Did You Know

The fertile soil found in Southern Ontario provides the perfect growing conditions for our 200+ acres of ginseng. By leveraging the latest technology and innovative equipment, Tota Farms is committed to maintaining the integrity of the land while providing only the highest quality ginseng for our customers.